Oh noodles.

Oh noodles.
"Edee" and "Chicken" are nicknames for my two little rascals. The names originated from how my daughter would pronounce both her own and little brother's name when she first started talking. They've stuck. Chicken may live to regret that someday....

Monday, March 26, 2018

Star Wars Hot Chocolate

Chicken:  Mom did you put any mint in this hot chocolate?
Me:  No it's already peppermint flavored.
Chicken:  MMMmmm yum, this is good.  I know it is NOT from Star Wars,
Me:  You mean... Starbucks?
Chicken:  Oh right  (sluuurp).  Yours is better than Starbucks.

I guess you could say the hot chocolate I make is out of this world.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Chicken:  Mom, I don't want you to be a grandma.
Me:  Why not?
Chicken:  Because then you won't be my mom anymore.
Me:  Yes I will!  I'll always be your mom.
Chicken:  But then you'll be about to die
Me: .....no I won't.  I mean, no one knows when they are going to die.  Everyone dies.  But I'm planning on being around for awhile.
Chicken:  But then where are you planning on living when you're a grandma?  Like Chicago....or America....or Washington?
Me:   I'll be in America, pretty sure.
Chicken:  But I don't know where I'm going to live.
Me:  How about I live wherever you live?  How does that sound?
Chicken:  Good!!!
Me: Sounds good, I'll follow you around and help take care of your babies.
Chicken: Yeah I want to live wherever you live.  What if you forget?  Don't you forget things?
Me:  I'll try not to forget. We can talk about it when you're older and married.
Chicken: Do you know how many kids I want to have?
Me:  How many?
Chicken:  Ten.
Me:  Make sure you talk to your wife about that, okay?

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

He Loves Her

We got an Echo Dot recently.  We have an Echo downstairs and the kids love it, so we got the Dot for upstairs so they can listen to their favorite music as they play and before falling asleep.  The kids sat on the couch with me as I pulled up the computer and started to make a "Bedtime" playlist.  Jewel has a lullaby album, so I was starting to pull a few songs from it when Chicken bursts out upon seeing her picture.

Chicken:  Wow, dat girl is AMAZIN'!  She is so, so beautiful and SO amazin'.   I dust LOVE her.  So much.
Me:  Chicken!! What?
Chicken:  I mean, I don't weally love her, but I WEALLY LOVE da way she looks!  I weally do.

I just sat there in a giggly shock, not believing that just happened.  I mean I can't blame him, she's beautiful. But keeping this for future reference so that I know when to steer this boy away from women looking like this.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


The after school day care program at Edee's school is called CARES.  Apparently I'm the mom who doesn't care because Edee doesn't get to go.   She hears how fun it is from all her friends and feels it's pretty boring here at home in comparision.  I've had multiple conversations about it with her before about how the kids who go to CARES need to go there because both of their parents work, and since I don't work, there's no need for her to go.

She got her hopes up though when I almost missed picking her up from the bus.  The bus had already turned around and was coming back by our house, and we barely made it.  I had almost missed her once before and was berated severely by Edee because of it.  Not this time.  The response instead was: Awwww, Mom, I thought I was going to get to go the CARES today!  I was so excited!

Then later Chicken comes up to me and tells me that Edee was telling him to purposefully be slow coming down to pick her up from the bus so she could go to CARES.  Chicken adamantly insisted that he told her that he would NOT do that.

Oh Edee.

And another funny non-relating thing both of them have been saying:
instead of "making sure" to do something, they have been saying "make sure-ing."  It's cute.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Creepin' Up on You

We've been listening to the Troll's movie soundtrack at our house lately.  Chicken particularly likes the song "Can't Stop the Feeling" by Justin Timberlake.  This means that we listen to it every day. Lots of times every day.  Dozen of times every day.  I added it to Chicken's "Kids Fun" Playlist, which consists of all the songs he's obsessed with:  "Everything is Awesome", "Shatter Me", "Safe and Sound", "We Will Rock You", "Immortals", "Cinema".  And now "Can't Stop the Feeling".  It's too short of a playlist to listen to so often.

But they are his favorites, and try telling the four-year-old to branch out.

I'm talking about the song with Chicken.

Me:  Don't you think it's a little weird that he's saying that he's creeping up on you?
Chicken:  I taught it was sayin', "I dust cweepin' up on JUICE, so dust dance, dance, dance, dance."
(insert lisp for the 's' sound in 'dance').
Me:  Of course you thought that.  That's not nearly as creepy.
Chicken:  Sometimes, I fink it's saying, "I dust eatin' chips, so dust dance, dance, dance, dance."


It's a weird song either way.

But, I STILL DUST WOVE CHICKEN!  (So just dance, dance, dance, dance...)

Growing Up

Daddy:  Hey Mommy, look at this.  This little guy is so much taller than the counter.
Me:  What....couldn't he run right under that corner when we first moved in?  How did that happen?
Daddy:  He just keeps growing.
Me:  Stop that Chicken.  No more of that. It's not allowed.  Don't even think about growing anymore.
Daddy:  If you keep growing, we're going to have to send you to timeout.
Me: Yeah.  You'll have to stay in timeout until you decide to quit growing.
Chicken:  Hey!  Dat's not fair at all!  I only stop groween WHEN I'M DEAD!!
Daddy:  He's got a point.
Me:  Oh.  Well, I guess that's not very fair then.

I had to try.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Baby Eggs

Chicken:  Mom, I didn't know dat mommy's tummies are cut open for da baby to come out!!  It's not from da girl parts!

Edee:  Yeah Mom!  You were wrong!

Me:  What...who told you...well, sometimes that happens if the baby needs to come out quick.  It happens sometimes but usually not.

Chicken:  Edee, did you know dat dere's a tiny egg in da mommy's tummy?  Yeah, and den it hatches.

Me:  Well...er,no, it doesn't hatch, Chicken, it's more like it grows.

Chicken:  What?  I did not know dat. And den it EXPLODES!??

Me:  No...

Can you tell that Chicken has had a lot of questions about babies lately?  (Out of nowhere, might I add, I'm not pregnant, just for the record). And I'm thinking that a few of his friends are not giving him the most reliable information.  Just a taste of many future conversations, I'm sure.